Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sestina Attempt Take 2

I remember when you peeled back your ribs
& showed what was always missing
your skin unraveling like a blanket
never knowing a bruise
til i taught you how to breathe
even when you are lacking life

i remember when you told me the secret of life
could only be found in donated ribs
it escapes every time you breathe
it is the definition of what we are missing
we carry it around like a banana carries a bruise
exposed, enveloping our skin like a blanket

i remember the smell of my grandmother's blanket
it smelt like the beauty of a life
that never hid a bruise
it smelt like Adam's ribs
always resting in the wrong Eve, missing
never truly learning how to breathe

I remember when pain taught me how to breathe
when it squeezed my lungs full of smoke, blanket
my reflection and demanded that i realize that I was missing
i never noticed that my fake ribs
caused so much pain, now a healing bruise

i remember when i decided the only cure for a bruise
was numb, when inhaling agony was a s simple as breathe
when i dissected my ribs
and dissolved the blanket
that they called life
only to realize it was love that was missing

i can never remember when i was showed what was missing
only the pain of the bruise
only the lack in the life
and the struggle when i try to breathe
but i wear it like a blanket
wondering if it was my father who gave me these ribs

Do you remember the piece that's missing? The one that sounded like breathe?
The one that didn't bruise but held like a blanket?
the one that spelt life like God spelt ribs?

©, 2011, Tiffany "Spokenheart" Shack

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