Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Nappy Complex

You would think with this natural hair movement going on in America I would finally stop hearing stupid questions like: "can i touch your hair?"
or even more annoying: " Girl when you gone do something with your hair?"
or most annoying of all statements from black women about how they cant quit the creamy crack becasue they hair too nappy,
thats like black men sayign they dont date black women becaus ethey have too much attitude,
we just weren't made to lay down
Fuck what ya heard
because i am my hair
this disorganized chaos is me at my best
twisted, picked and pinned up on the left
braided, plaited or all over my head
even when im hungry my hair get fed
mayonaise, honey, eggs, coconut oil
cinnamon and oats stretch from curl to curl
or should i say strand to strand
cause my hair be just as confused as the curious hands
that flock to my fro like flies
oblivious to my rolling eyes
but most of the time, i dont really care
even i cant stop touching my hair
especially since i tend to be a product junkie
shea moisture, cantu shea butter, my hair is my personal little lab monkey
and im rarely afraid to experiment
whether with avacado guts or some electric blue tint
youtube has become an educational source since dec 210
before that it was low fades and earrings bigger than big
now its afro that reach our for God
3 strand twists and bantu knots
its like my hair embodies versatiility
and an uncanny ability
to display the defnition of just chill
a mind of it's own, it does whatever it feels
and i just get to accent it
im usually quite meek but bring up my hair and it gets passionate
so many reasons a woman of color should never be ashamed of her crown
when they get to be preaching bout they naps i cant help but frown
aint no such thing as bad hair just hair thats misunderstood
we just need to rethink our definition of good
cause too many women with the bone straight be wishing they hair stood proud like ours
be wishing they could make fros that looked like chocolate clouds
now im not bashing the relaxed just saying if they wanna know the meaning of undisturbed
they should kick that creamy crack to the curb
and come rock with this real stuff
this shocking face at how good it feels stuff
this hop out the bed and fluff it out swag
wash and go, smelling like a fruit snack
its a lesson in patienece but a bigger lesson in self love
a test of confidence and just when you've had enough
it helps u find a friend that can pry from ur hand the box of creamy crack
understand the criticism and helps u snap back
so despite my love for india i just cant agree
cause my hair says almost everything there is to say about me
©, 2012, Tiffany "Spokenheart" Shack

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